River City Ransom

rcrboxBack in the day everyone had Nintendo, I mean the system was so popular that you never had to think twice of asking someone if they had one. One of the top games on the system was River City Ransom, What you must understand is this game was a G’s game fo real. Peep, the story was some dude slick stole ya chick and now you gotta go through rough neighborhoods fighting goons and bosses trying to find her. I loved this game cause the fighting was similar to Double Dragon, but it had a lil role playing feel. After you fucked someone up they dropped there loot, you take a goons money and buy food for health and vitamins etc. The main point is the whole game is about beef and fucking niggas up, what more could you ask for in 89.


Gandalf vs. Balrog

Gandalf vs. Balrog was a sick beef, Gandalf told the nigga like son “you shall not pass” then the beef was on! Balrog aint the young black from street fighter he some demon type nigga he black but not like Eddie Murphy black he like evil black bee. After Gandalf told him that, the balrog grabbed Gandalf with his whip and dragged him down the cave, as they fell they beefed and u can peep Gandalf my nigga jus trying to stab the balrog on there journey to the abyss bee!!! The beef is so epic with the music and lighting and shit you gotta peep.