Rajon Rondo, Mark Jackson & Jalen Rose think Mike Breen is Santa – NBA on ESPN Commercial

Funny new NBA on ESPN commercial featuring Mark Jackson, Jalen Rose, Rajon Rondo & Mike Breen.  In case you missed any other NBA on ESPN commercials this season check them out Here

Rondo Dunk on Heat (11-11-2010)

WTF Collective – Jon Lajoie

Jon Lajoie is MC Confusing, MC Insecure, MC Public Urination, MC Fatigue, Chorus Guy, MC Doesn’t Know What Irony Is, MC Get Sidetracked Easily, MC Lethal Weapon 1,2 & 3, MC Lethal Weapon 4, MC Shit My Pants Frequently and MC Final Verse in the WTF Collective.  This is truly ridiculous but I can’t hate I know he means well.

Merry Christmas – Soprano’s Style

Merry-Early Christmas from all of us at HHTT.  Taken from season 3 of the Soprano’s, watch a disrespectfull young boy tell off a disguised Bobby Bacala playing the role of neighborhood Santa at the local pork store Satriale’s.