Black Dynamite Trailer and The Feeling – Sean Price & Buckshot

Earlier this Summer my damey Mobes put me on to Black Dynamite, an upcoming movie which is a spoof on Blaxpoitation films of the 70’s such as Superfly, The Mack & Shaft.  “In 1972 Black Dynamite, a former CIA agent, is called back into the business when the Italian mob kills his brother, fills black orphanages with heroin and floods the street with bad malt liquor. He soon discovers a vast conspiracy, reaching all the way to the White House.”  License to kill, get the fuck from around me, Jim Brown mustache, fro like Roundtree, surround sound my 8-track is Delfonic, laid back like a nigga just inhaled chronic – Sean Price 

Buckshot & Sean Price team up for The Feeling, produced by 9th Wonder & Dan the Man which is set to appear on the soundtrack for Black Dynamite. The Feeling – Buckshot & Sean Price

Ruck Down – Sean Price

Earth Wind and Fire out ya face when the god smack em

This had me rolling, watch Sean Price take over Duck Down records.  “I don’t do that go to McDonalds get me four double cheeseburgers and I need a straw cut in half” Music Video for the song Ruck Down is at the end,enjoy.


Hearing Aid – Sean Price + Chaundon

Fist Full of dollars, dutch Full of piff, book Full of rhymes & a long four-fifth

Sean Price is a problem, but chances are, you already knew that.  Hearing Aid pairs the brokest rapper you know along with Chaundon to drop some nonsense over a head-nod beat from Khrysis of North Carolina’s Away Team.  The track is taken from Sean P’s 2007 sophmore solo effort Jesus Price Supastar  Here is a new & entertaining freestyle from Sean Price along with his Heltah Skeltah cohort the Rockness Monstah.  Enjoy Ruck n Rock (D.I.R.T.) dumbin out for Lijn5 over in Amsterdam.  NOTE, make sure you stick around till they switch the beat up and Sean P goes in Hard over that Jake One beat. 

It won’t be long, Shawty

Vintage Atl peep t.i. cameo on the intro