Evolve – Kermit Quinn (Gatorade Commercial)

New Gatorade commercial for the sport drinks G-Series featuring a very dope song by Kermit Quinn, Evolve.  Surprising thing is that it was written and produced by none other than David Banner.

Evolve – Kermit Quinn

She’s Dope

lisa bonet shes dope

Dope women of all colors, who know it better than HHTT! We bring it back to the days of Denise Huxtable and Jasmine Guy, every hip hop head has had a jones for that super fly chick and HHTT acknowledges that. Be sure to check She’s Dope in the contents section weekly for the new booty/beauty of the week. Denise looks damn good bee.

Serena got a big Ole Butt (O Yea)

Wowsers, Serena is killin em out there.