Get Big (Remix) – Dorrough Feat. DJ Drama, Diddy, Yo Gotti, Bun B, Diamond, Shawty Lo & Maino

New video from Dallas’s Dorrough for the remix to his Nitti Beats produced single Get Big featuring DJ Drama, Diddy, Yo Gotti, Bun B, Diamond, Shawty Lo & Maino.

Get Big (Remix) – Dorrough Feat. DJ Drama, Diddy, Yo Gotti, Bun B, Diamond, Shawty Lo & Maino

Bowen Homes Carlos (Video) – Shawty Lo

New music video from Shawty Lo for B.H.C. off of his new mixtape Bowen Homes Carlos.

Bowen Homes Carlos – Shawty Lo

Tunnel Vision (Video) – Shawty Lo

Shawty Lo is a couple years removed from his dominance of the summer of 08, but he is right back with a new video for Tunnel Vision produced by Da Vette Boyz.

Tunnel Vision – Shawty Lo

Gucci Mane is Free

Gucci Mane was released from the Fulton County Jail in Georgia earlier this morning. 

Shawty Lo, Pill, OJ Da Juiceman Challenge Jim Jones

More good stuff.

We Be Getting Money – Juvenile Feat. Dorrough, Shawty Lo & Kango Slimm

Juvenile is set to release the follow up to his classic 2006 #1 album Reality Check with Cocky & Confident due out 12/1/09.  We Be Getting Money will appear on the upcoming album and features Shawty Lo, Dorrough & Kango Slim on the hook.

We Be Getting Money – Juvenile Feat. Shawty Lo, Dorrough & Kango Slim

For My Ladies – Ron Browz Feat Diddy

Even though I know I’ll be sick of this by the end of the week, it’s still kinda hot right now.  For My Ladies by Ron Browz & Diddy will more than likely pop up on Ronalds upcoming Etherboy album later this year.  It’s good to see Browz back on his autotune after Hov said the shits wack, it still doesn’t mean shit to the ladies.

For My Ladies – Ron Browz Feat. Diddy

Just in case you missed the remix to Browz Gimme 20 Dollars.

Gimme 20 Dollars (remix) – Ron Browz Feat. Mase, Jim Jones, OJ Da Juiceman & Shawty Lo

N.O.R.E. interviews Benzino

“You blog too much homey”Benzino on Budden

Benzino speaks on Jay-Z & XXL biting Notorious B.I.G. & The Source, Kim Osario, how Slaughterhouse is overrated, Joe Budden blogging too much, and most importantly about Edo G  joining the Made Men.  The whole feud with Joe Budden shouldn’t be much of a surprise seeing that Edo G banned Joey a few months back from Boston and to my knowledge he hasn’t been back since.  Seems like everyone is going at Joe Budden, I honestly feel bad for dude, yesterday MC Shan, today Benzino, wonder who will speak up tomorrow.

No Classic – Made Men Featuring Edo G

Diamonds & Cadillacs – Jackie Chain

New video for Jackie Chain’s southern anthem Diamonds & Cadillacs.  Shot in Jackie Chains native Huntsville Alabama, this is your stereotypical southern video, slabs, Louis Vuitton luggage, chicks, goonies etc. Be on the look out for cameos from Yo Gotti and Shawty Lo as well.  Diamonds & Cadillacs – Jackie Chain

Alfamega worked as a DEA Informant in 97

This is an interesting story to say the least, The Smoking Gun put this out today about Grand Hustle’s goon squad general Alfamega

T.I.’s Snitch Posse

Rap star’s protégé once worked as DEA informant, government witness