Lola Falana

My dad would always treasure his JET magazine with Lola Falana, he had a thing for the redbone and I could dig that major! Lola was born Loletha Elaine Falana to a Cuban father and an African-American mother, which explains her beautiful complexion. Discovered by Sammy Davis Jr.  Lola was the triple threat in the 70’s she could sing, dance and act and was referred to by many as the queen of Las Vegas. Her eyes are what gets me the most………She’s Dope b.

Lark Vorhies



I loved watchin her grow up on SAVED BY THE BELL and always wanted to see if she’d ever breakout and do some showgirl type shit or if she’d actually keep it classy; and classy she kept. lil Lisa Turtle a.k.a. Lark Vorhies was one of the dopest chics to ever come out of the 80’s/90’s. And after seein how she was all on Methodman in HOW HIGH I know she the type to give it up for the badboys. This one is for the saved by the bell fans and…um… Lark, you lookin good girl I’ll give it to you just the way you want it boo… bottom line, she’s dope.



Maliah Michel



Now here is one M&M I will let melt in my mouth and in my hand…meet Maliah Michel. if you have not heard of her then look her up she was featured on the cover of smooth magazine and is an ATL strip club phenom, although she is more of a fresh selection rather than a classic she’s dope im sure you’ll still think the same thing …  she’s dope.



Janet Jackson – That’s The Way Love Goes


Oooooo baby don’t stop doooon’t stop, ooooo deeper baby deeeeeper…… Do I have to say anything else???? if you grew up in the 80’s you knew janet was one of the dopest ladies on the planet. She is soooo Fucking dope in this video I had to get it for my private collection. We here at HHTT call this dutch or backwoods music lol Get close to your shorty on this one and don’t forget to bring maryjane along….she always makes things better…also for those of you paying attention see if you can spot a few familiar faces in the video.Enjoy