Public Enemy – Can’t Trust It (1991)

With a name like Brother Menelik you know i got mad love for PE, Rebel Without a Pause was my shit! In 1991 Pulbic Enemy released Apocalypse 91….The Enemy Strikes Black and this is track # 4. Public Enemy – Can’t Truss It

This is 1991

Peter Tosh – 400 Years (1979 Live)

Return of the JEDI in this bitch, first off i want to big up my family  HHTT, without fam we aint shit, we all we got. HHTT to me is more than an internet magazine its a place where i can find myself. At times we go through life’s spells and feel how can one recover? HHTT makes me recover. Once again i been in my pops stash and brought you another gem,  this one is from the legendary Peter Tosh -(who my pops made sure to always put above Bob, he loved Marley too but Tosh was his nigga b) 400 Years. Peter Tosh – 400 Years

Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

“Strange Fruit” referenced in the song are the bodies of African Americans hanged during lynching. This song sung by the late Billie Holiday was as tragic as it was inspirational. Every time I hear this song my throat starts to get that lump in it, memories of times a lot of us don’t want to remember. I love this song; it is a testament that no matter how ill the situation injustice will not go unnoticed. We are a strong people we have overcome the highest of the hurdles. Those brave individuals who were hung in lynches during that time will not be forgotten. The beautiful fruit that grows in the south a lot of times is not all beautiful as it may seem. “Strange Fruit” would end up being Holidays biggest record and as many recalled she would break down every time she sang it.

“I swear before God… and four more white people! This is the last time!”

A lot of muthafuckas who under 18 have no idea what the fuck this comment means, let me break it down for you. In the classic spike lee movie “Jungle Fever” Gator (who by the way is played excellently by Sam Jackson before he became Sam “GOT DAMN SNAKES” Jackson) is high on crack and shit, runs up in his moms crib and starts wyling out looking for money to feed his addiction. In the middle of all this madness Sam Jackson in typical fashion blurts out “I swear before God… and four more white people! This is the last time!” Now what this means is back in the day and shit when niggas were like in the 30’s and 40’s going through that racial bullshit white people were considered holier than thou so this statement basically meant like we put the word on god PLUS 4 MORE OF THE HOLIEST OF HOLY MUTHAFUCKAS!!! Now we all know this shit aint true but god damn this shit makes me laugh till this day, real talk.


“I swear before God… and four more white people! This is the last time!”


Get the movie, here’s the clip I was speaking on.