Dubbage New Years Extravaganza

“Dubbage has been going STRONG since we started in the beginning of 2009.  It has been very successful since the first night.  Providing all-star DJs every week, with yours truly as a allstar resident mc hosting it.  The night will have 10 threshold DJs, two MCs, champagne toast, $10 cover, $10 for a liter of beer and a shot (everthing is ten themed)  Everything from dubstep to hiphop to jungle to reggae, etc.”  -Elijah Divine

So make sure if you are in and around the Hartford CT. area for New Years, check out Dubbage hosted by HHTTs very own Elijah Divine, and for all things Elijah Divine check him out at http://elijahdivine.com/

HULK HATE TIME TRAVEL!!!(Behind the madness)

The Brain trust sat down one day at work spitting our usual random knowledge and we started to engage on a topic we often fantasy, time travel. I can’t count the numerous conversations we had on this topic, from Delorean’s to John Titor. All in all time travel is a topic we will never leave, a topic we love but for some it is a tragic burden. Hulk hates time travel; it disrupts his belly a lot I think. His primitive mind can’t handle the chronological difference. So if hulks parents don’t kiss he wont ever be born, ever be born.


Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim