Peter Tosh – 400 Years (1979 Live)

Return of the JEDI in this bitch, first off i want to big up my family  HHTT, without fam we aint shit, we all we got. HHTT to me is more than an internet magazine its a place where i can find myself. At times we go through life’s spells and feel how can one recover? HHTT makes me recover. Once again i been in my pops stash and brought you another gem,  this one is from the legendary Peter Tosh -(who my pops made sure to always put above Bob, he loved Marley too but Tosh was his nigga b) 400 Years. Peter Tosh – 400 Years

HHTT Productions: This is Mainsouth

GEDC0225rev lex lake

Now we here at Hulk Hate Time Travel have been bringing you short documentaries of ,well basically, how we live. And in this video we again do just that. We aren’t here to “sugar coat” anything we are here to give you the real…and you can deal with it how you like. So here we go on a cruise through mainsouth Worcester on a Saturday afternoon. Honestly you never know whats going to happen on any given HHTT meet so you can be assured that BIG LEX is probably gonna have a lil surprise in store for us. So let us watch and see what its like on mainsouth and like those great 80’s cartoons we all miss and love I will leave you with an educational message; WINNERS DON’T DO DRUGS..(and my personal favorite, thank you Nancy) REMEMBER TO “JUST SAY NO“…Now see how we live.(we here at do not promote,condone or incourage any illegal drug use)

Loose Ends – You Can’t Stop The Rain


The beauty of loose ends is merely in the delivery. A beautiful polished pronounced sound that sounds effortless yet erotic. Before I go into some shit that may get picked up on Newsweek, The song is “ You Can’t Stop the Rain”. This song is a laid back jazzy classic which is great to smoke out too or have a lil drink if one must.

Loose Ends – You Can’t Stop The Rain

Walking In a Winter Wonderland

This morning I woke up feeling a little better, so I decided to have a morning L but no dutches. I quickly got dressed to discover the walk around the corner to get some dutches was through a fucking winter wonderland.
Only in New England.

B-Real of Cypress Hill ‘FIRE’ featuring Damian Jr Gong Marley


Right here is the latest single off B-Real’s Solo album “SMOKE N MIRRORS” in stores on February 24th, courtesy of Audio Hustlaz/Duck Down Records. B-Real gets production credit on this single and I have to say he doing his thing, I always liked B-Real with his nasal flow and spit fire lyrics and on a track with Jr Gong he cant go wrong.

Here is the link to download “Fire

If you wanna purchase the single at iTunes click here


B-Real of Cypress Hill “Smoke N Mirrors” In Stores February 24th, 2009

The Long Way Home

Growing up in mainsouth I could truly identify to Kevin Scott fo real. I remember being younger watching this commercial and feeling strange cause I knew why he was running. When I got older I felt an incredible sadness cause the story in the commercial is so true, drug dealers don’t take no that easy and you cant jus walk away like ya principal may suggest. The scariest is the drug dealer at .42 seconds into the clip, he jus looks at Kevin as if to say “we will get you, eventually we will get you.” Sad thing is 97% of the time they do.


Never has a commercial provoked so much emotion in me.