In keeping  with my theme of time travel I’d like to take you back once again to the best era of my life…well one of the best. No doubt the 90’s was evolutionary for hip hop, but what about the technology? I remember waiting for this game to hit the home console and sure enough I went and copped a super nintendo entertainment system specifically for this arcade banga KILLER INSTINCT. This game was created for all of those combo lovers out there. With mortal kombat and street fighter dominating the fighting game genre this was a nice substitute for either game. With the best commentary of any fighting game yet KILLER INSTINCT is 100% HHTT approved!

HHTT Invades That’s Entertainment (Worcester)

men up wallthats inside

With a name like Hulkhatetimetravel you damn right we know about comics! Worcester is home to one of the best comic book stores in all of New England and its only right we paid a visit. That’s Entertainment on Park Ave is a local legend, selling everything from comics, video games, movies, trading cards, sports memorabilia and more. Walking in is like entering a forgotten world, your childhood on full display but with price tags and plastic wrapping. Stop by Park Ave and peep That’s Entertainment, trust its HHTT Approved like a Mutha!rev in thats comics

gi joe

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