HHTT Productions: Selective Hearing 91.3 WCUW 8/7/09

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Its official, HHTT is now a part of the 91.3 Selective Hearing show. We don’t plan to merge as one but we are family, we consider Selective Hearing our brothers and it’s an honor to be able to bring the HHTT flava to the radio. Make sure to tune in every Friday from 10-12, 91.3 WCUW or online at wcuw.org, check out how the best hip hop show in Worcester get bizzy!yo and avj4hhtt get money

HHTT Productions: Nite People (What Do You Mean You People?)

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I personally want to thank Nite People for allowing us to come down to WCUW and conduct this interview. HHTT’s goal was to do a simple interview but instead morphed into so much more. These are a humble group of dudes who have an honest appreciation for each other and making quality music. When the camera went off is when some of the realest talk came out, we discovered the depth to these individuals and vice versa. This is just a teaser! HHTT WORCESTER APPROVED!opp


HHTT @ “Mass Stand Up” Tammany Hall (Worcester) May 28th

dj manipulator, menelik, lex, etherealSS and MenLegacy all day

Thursday May 28th Mass Stood Up! HHTT once again was in the building this time at Tammany Hall doing it big supporting local Hip Hop. The thing I love about local shows is it’s like a family affair, everybody chill coming together to have fun and enjoy themselves. All the performers did a sick job on stage and made me proud once again to be from Worcester. So you wanna know how it turned out huh? Peep for yourself

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Lex was playing Photographer this run that’s why he incognito. Rev had personal reasons why he couldn’t attend so this for you bee. HHTT APPROVED

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