like boyz in the hood this movie changed my life. that could be contributed to the similarities i had with the film and my life at the time. Starring Tyrin Turner Larenz Tate and Jada Pinkett Smith this gritty inner city film  depicted life in the streets in its rawest form. This hughes brothers film wanted to give movie goers a glimpse of what it was like trying to survive the mean streets of south central LA in watts and the jordan downs district. What most people dont know is that originally Tupac Shakur was cast to play the part of O-dog, but after assaulting director Allen Hughes he was replaced by Larenz Tate. I must admit i would have loved to see 2pac as o-dog but LT did a good job. So the stage is set with Tat lawson( Samuel  L .Jackson) as caines dad when caine (Tyrin Turner)as a youngster, witnesses his father murder a man…. take a look

after losing his parents to prison and drugs Caine ,now a young man,is a high school graduate without a clue of what he is to do next in life. Consequently, a trip to the store for beer with O-dog  suddenly turns him into an accomplice  to murder and armed robbery. Caine is then given the oppurtunity to  leavethe hood-life and his boys O-dog ,Stacey (Ryan Williams) and Sharif,(Vonte Sweet) behind and start over in Atlanta with the seductively sexy Ronnie (Jada Pinkett smith) ….whats a man to do.

the track by mc eiht in this film literally takes me back to bein a misguided teen but in an oddly soothing and reminiscent way….it makes me happy about my decisions as a teenager and how everything turned out

Boyz N The Hood (Movie)/ Ice Cube – A Bird In The Hand


Boyz N The Hood is a hood classic which offers many memorable moments. Today my focus though is on one particular part that has stood out to me the most. The part which I speak of is when Cuba is crossing the street after the cookout and those niggas in the red Hyundai pull up. This moment is so pivotal within the movie because here you have the aggressors, and here you have the moment that changes the movie’s direction entirely. The part is so gangsta for real, the way Cuba just stands there shaking looking down the barrel of that shotgun, classic. The music in the background is Ice Cube’s “A Bird in the hand” off his Death Certificate album which sets the mood dramatically. What I present for you today is Ice Cube’s “A bird in the hand” (Classic track) and a clip from that pivotal moment along with a few others in Boyz N The Hood.

Ice Cube’s “A Bird In The Hand” beat was jus recently used in 50 Cents new song the “Mechanic” but it not worth even to mention.