Officer Ricky Go Ahead Try Me – 50 Cent

Damn, 50 is talkin’ that shit again, I don’t know or care how this whole thing started between him and the big Bossman from Miami.  Apparently the records in response to the recent Rick Ross track “Mafia Music” where Ricky took a few shots at 50.  This song itself isn’t anything new, fif just jokes about Ross’s weight and how he used to be a corrections officer, on the last verse he calls Rick Ross just the appetizer and is baiting Lil wayne to say something.  Oh and by the way 50’s album is about to drop in March, go figure.  (can’t deny this man knows how to sell)

25 Lighters – DJ DMD ft. Lil’ Keke & Fat Pat

I’m So Throwed in the Game……Dj Dmd’s “25 Lighters” will keep any party bouncing still to this day, the record dropped in 1999 and was largely overshadowed by Lil’ Troy’s “Wanna be a Baller” which also features Screwed up Click vet. Fat Pat which dropped around the same time.  The H-town movement as it is now, never really solidified untill 2002 when Mike Jones, Paul Wall & Slim Thug dropped Still Tippin, and the rest is history.  peep the uncut below…           HHTT Got the Internet Goin Nuts