Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (King’s Day)

As a young man growing up I wanted to be like Malcom X, a powerful no-nonsense revolutionary. Now as a man i aspire to be like the Reverend Dr. A powerful man who need not raise a fist.A man who won’t die for something is not fit to liveMLK

Hometown Hero (Remix) – Big K.R.I.T. Feat. Yelawolf

Dope new remix from Big K.R.I.T. for his song Hometown Hero from his mixtape K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, he hooks up with Alabamas Yelawolf  for the remix produced by K.R.I.T.

Hometown Hero (Remix) – Big K.R.I.T. Feat. Yelawolf

Yung Joc Sues Bad Boy & Block Entertainment


Young Joc told Billboard that he will file lawsuit against Bad Boy Records and Block Entertainment for their failure to fulfill contractual obligations.

“I haven’t been paid any royalties since I’ve been out, after over a million albums sold,” Yung Joc told “For my first album, they gave me a $25,000 advance when I was supposed to get more…Then I had a million dollar budget for my second album, never even got an advance off of it. For the third one they hit me with another $25,000, like I’m some chump in this shit. And I just got tired of it.”

Joc also heated with bad boy said, Diddy said hes got to stay out of it because its between me and Block Entertainment. I was never signed to Block Entertainment, but theyve been interfering with a lot of my business. I feel like [Bad Boy] isnt doing anything to try to intervene and help the situation.”

Joc you really should have known better, Diddy all about the benjamins baby.

Brother Menelik & Lex Go Home (Welcome to Worcester)


I never thought I would be here reminiscing with ya’ll about my youth and where I came from, but damn I never thought I would see 21. Lex and I grew up on 91 Murray Ave in Worcester, Ma, the main south area. We didn’t live in the worst conditions but damn shit wasn’t sweet, drug dealers, prostitutes, feens etc all could be found on our block. We both lived in the Buckingham building on Murray Ave, I on the 5th Floor and Lex on the 1st.  This is my hood and I love where I grew up, when I speak of the “pissy” hallways and broke elevators its all love to my hood. Worcester is a funny place, you got ya gritty spots then beautiful, crack dealers on one side doctors on the other. This is where I’m from and I wouldn’t want it any different. Peace to GBV, Grafton, Plum, Lakeside, Mainsouth, Lincoln Vill, Moutain Vill, Eastern Ave, Upland Gardens, Washington Heights, North High, Burncoat, South, Doherty, Forest Grove, Downtown, Chandler, Newbury, Wellington, Hooper, Belmont, Vernon, Green Hill and any spots I left out.


RIP Rob V, we will never forget you.

UGK – Da Game Been Good To Me


UGK is one of those groups that you always got love for. It seems after Pimp C’s passing the name has become only stronger, with Bun B holding it down at the helm. This song is just one of joints that you lean in the whip with and blow kush hard to. I can’t front Rev has shown me a new appreciation for the group and I hope I do for you, one.

I’m Boomin I’m Bunkin – OJ Da Juiceman

When I first saw the cover of the new Dj Me$$iah & OJ Da Juiceman mixtape I nearly pissed my pants.  Juiceman officially has the best covers in the game for real.  I’m Boomin I’m Bunkin is some of that classic OJ da Juiceman material that we all have come to love.


Shawty Lo – 100,000


“Mary Jane use to be my main/ until I met the white girl……COCAINE”

Shawty Lo brilliantly tells the tale of reckless abandon in the south. He touches on the obsession ghetto youths have with the “white girl” in vivid fashion, allowing the listener to fully embrace the glory of drug dealing. Bankhead only has one boss and Lo holds that title firmly, while T.I. does songs of redemption with NSYNC, Lo illustrates a wonderful backdrop to the streets he peddled coke on so frequent. On 100,000, Shawty recalls about the times he ran the streets and first accumulated 100,000 in drug money. In the hood 100,00 = a G, straight up.

Leanin – Slim Thug ft. UGK

I’m a young geto boy, that’s why I act this way, rollin in the candy car leanin sittin sidewayz

Three kings get up on the Mr. Lee track Leanin, which appeared on Slim Thug’s latest Boss of all Bosses. 


Gucci Mane – My Kitchen


Right now I present to you the legend himself……..Gucci Mane. I cant front when I first heard this nigga, I was like what the fuck is the is saying?? As time went on I understood the brilliance of it all. Gucci is nothing but a nigger, nothing more nothing less. He aint talking about saving hip hop and shit, he simply telling you he has “pounds in the trash can Gucci do the dishes“. Im glad that he has been released from prison cause the game need him right now, we need that dope boy trap music from the legend himself. I have blessed ya’ll today with Gucci’s – My Kitchen, one can only wonder the splendor in Gucci’s kitchen.

It was Rihanna.


Real smooth Chris, real smooth