1991 Cotton Bowl Touchdown – Randall “Thrill” Hill

Growing up I sported the Miami Huricanes Starter jacket, (the ones with the big pocket in the front) with that being said when I heard ESPN’s 30 for 30 would be airing Billy Corbens’s documentary on The U it was a must-view.  The Miami Hurricanes destroyed the Texas Longhorns 46 – 3 in the 1991 Cotton Bowl.  The most famous play of the game however was Randall Thrill Hill’s touchdown reception and celebration which he ran directly into the tunnel and performed a six-shooter routine with his hands.

NBA LIVE 96 (Power of gods)

NBA Live 96 was the 2nd installment in the epic series and it held its own. When I was young I dreamed of Jordan, I mean not in that way but in the way I wanted to go to the NBA. I realized I would never make it due to my failing grades and thirst for trouble, but in 1997 I found a loophole. My pops was not into buying me entertainment systems so I had to go to my best friend Chad’s crib to play current video games. I remember Chad borrowed NBA Live from a mutual friend and had it playing one eve when I came over. I remember peeping the graphics like damn this aint bad (mind you I was an avid watcher off all things NBA on NBC the theme was crack by the way). Then I seen what would change my life forever, a 7 footer named “JUMPMAN” on the blazers, clearly I thought this was some sort of typo till Chad told me he CREATED HIM!!! I was shocked never before in a game have I seen or heard of making your own character and then embarking on a NBA season. After seeing that visual I later got a genesis and NBA Live 96, I created many characters and embarked on many a season of NBA. I guess my dream did come true I made it to the NBA.