Break Em Down (Remix) – Young Chris Feat. Rico Love & French Montana

New remix to Break a Bitch Down/Break Em down featuring French Montana & Chris’s First Division associate Rico Love.

Break Em Down (Remix) – Young Chris Feat. Rico Love & French Montana

Air Out – Young Chris

New video from Young Chris for Air Out from his new mixtape with DJ Drama & Don Cannon The Re-Introduction.

Philly – Young Chris

Young Chris puts on for all things Philly, in his new video for his new single Philly.

Beautiful Music (Video) – Freeway

New single/video from Freeway for the Jake One produced Beautiful Music from Freeway’s upcoming album Diamond In The Rough.

Beautiful Music – Freeway

Take It Back – Young Chris

Some dope new music from Young Chris, Take It Back.

Take It Back – Young Chris

Rock Star – Freeway & Jake One

More music from the guys who brought us one of the best albums 0f 2010, Freeway & Jake One, this one is called Rock Star and is more than likely a leftover from The Stimulus Package.

Rock Star – Freeway & Jake One

Beaumont & Ordell – Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown was Quentin Tarantino’s third film back in 1997, it was an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel Rum Punch which was published in 1992.  Tarantino’s films rely heavily upon the score/soundtrack and the funny scene below between Chris Tucker (Beaumont) & Samuel L. Jackson (Ordell) is no exception.

Strawberry Letter #23 – Brothers Johnson

Much respect would be due to anyone who could name the State Property song that used the sample from Strawberry #23, I’ve been searching for that track for a hot minute.