Ghostface Killah – Mighty Healthy

“My god so they are killers!”


One of the greatest beats in hip hop with one of the best lyricist what do you get??? Mighty Healthy. This is Ghost best work in my opinion, you can argue with that but its my opinion. The grittiness of the video, lyrical, content, production ,this is truly a rare gem. Ghost established him self in the forefront of Wu with Supreme Clientele, and also as one of the best lyricist in Hip Hop. Good look to Rev for finding this video back in the day and putting me on, here it is once again for the forgotten.

“Kill one man or kill ten its all the same, after all they can only hang you once.”

The inspiration for this post Ghostdeini The Great

4 Minutes to Lockdown – Method Man & Redman Ft. Raekwon & Ghostface

The new Fantastic Four hook up for the collaboration everyone was waiting to hear on the Blackout 2.


Life’s a Gamble (Video)- Cappadonna ft. Raekwon & Ratchet

Raekwon breaks down the Purple Tape with Crooked I

After a recent Rock The Bells press conference Crooked I from Slaughterhouse got Raekwon the Chef to sit down for a brief interview.  Rae explains the purpose behind his debut cassette tapes color and explains how Compton’s own Mc Eiht came to have a small cameo in the 36 Chambers classic Can it Be All So Simple video.

To me Can it Be All So Simple was the best record on the classic 36 Chambers.  Over the Gladys Knight sample you can hear the foreshadowing of Ghostface & Raekwon’s Wu-Gambino persona’s (Tony Starks & Lex Diamonds) they would take on over the next few years showcased best on albums like Only Built 4 Cuban Linx & Ironman.  Enjoy the video directed by Hype Williams and lookout for that Mc Eiht cameo.

Ruthless Bastards – Bastards


When I first heard this it was at my man Lex’s crib. He played me some tracks off the swarm album and finally “Bastards”, I was in awe. The sample from “My Hero is a Gun” was used beautifully, and the lyrics were as raw as the chilling piano in the background. At this point Wu Tang was Jesus and every other nigga played apostle.

Raekwon – Verbal Intercourse (Feat. Nas & Ghostface Killah)


1995, 1995, MUTHAFUCKING DAMN BEE 1995! I aint gonna spit that fancy shit this is for the real. This is for the Wellington basement, pissy elevators, murray ave main south shit! Yo Rev im sorry, no disrespect to the remix with the Detroit kids but this is the classic bee! Rae and Ghost hold it down as usual but to me Nas fucking destroys the track from start. Rae dropped a gem with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, I only hope the sequel will be up to par.

Mama Can You Hear Me – Solomon Childs


“Mama Can You Hear Me” was a standout track from the Theodore Unit album 718 which was released back in 2004.  The album also featured appearances Ghostface, Method Man, Cappadonna, Streetlife, Trife & Shawn Wigz. 

Solomon Childs is currently finishing his untitled new album with Wu Music Group, which is set for release May 5th.  Here is his new single “What you used to Be” (produced by Chris Styles)  Download:

Wu Ooh – Raekwon feat. Ghostface & Method Man

New music from Raekwon, each track is supposedly going to appear on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 which has been recently rumored to be dropping sometime in April. 

Wu Ooh Raekwon featuring Ghostface & Method Man produced by the Rza                 Download –>

Criminology Part 2  Raekwon featuring Ghostface

Ghostface Christmas

That’s right ya’ll just in time for the Holiday Season, Mr. Starks himself is blessing the kiddies with a new album Ghost Deini the Great.  The album is sort of a greatest hits and even features a few new tracks, plus a christmas song entitled Ghostface Christmas chorus by Sean Wiggs enjoy.

9th Prince – Banned from the Radio

9th Prince from the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated group Killarmy came out with “Banned from the Radio” a few years back.  The first thing that grabbed me about this song is the John Lennon sample from his classic song “jealous guy” which is a personal favorite by the way.  Having said that Rza’s younger brother actually does it justice, complimented nicely by the video filmed in Staten Island and in front of the famous “Can it be all so simple” mural near Park Hill.