LeVar Burton (Roots Theory)

Levar Burton is an extremely talented brother and will always hold a special place with me for his role as Kunta in Alex Haley’s ROOTS. I wanted to highlight a few of Levar’s roles after ROOTS and the impact the movie had upon his career. Playing a slave is not always the most glamorous of roles and sometimes can have a lasting effect which was clearly evident w/ Levar.

 Reading Rainbow (The Glory)One of his most popular roles as the host of the award-winning Reading Rainbow, teaching little black boys and little black girls how to read. He did amazing in this role which ROOTS obviously helped him with because we all know when he got off the ship he had great difficulty reading and writing. Levar learned secretly to read and write while on Roots but hell would be to pay once Massa found out later in his career.

Star Trek (The Tragedy)After coming off a highly successful stint w/ Reading Rainbow the world was shocked when we discovered his role on Star Trek. I remember like it was the other day seeing my nigga Levar with them fucked up shades on, blinded by Massa! At first I thought it was cool, you know just having a brother on star trek and all but then I realized the everlasting effects ROOTS had on my brother. It was like some cosmic karma b, he was teaching kids to read a few years back now he on star trek BLIND (well not full blind but he had that low res security camera vision like Robocop, looked blocky like he dream of Lego’s) This just goes to show you, don’t think you gonna disobey Massa and live fruitful b, won’t happen.

Just like I remember street fighter soundtrack and all b

Street Fighter / Work – Ariez Onasis

Ariez Onasis is back with new videos to his Just Blaze produced Street Fighter and the J. Cardim produced Work all directed by Nick Black with bonus material from his upcoming album with J. Cardim The Hearbreak Kid.

As we previously  alluded to, here is that exclusive interview with Ariez Onasis where he speaks on his new album and some of the artists he’s been working with.

Street Fighter IV


I haven’t been following this too heavy in fear of letdown, but I must say Street Fighter IV is looking very promising! You all should know how much of a Street Fighter feen I am and the legendary battles I have had with some of the best at the game. This street fighter looks like its back to basics with the classic 2d animation and many old characters. On February 17th the game will drop and the madness will start again, so here at HHTT we will issue a challenge. During the first week of its release we will hold a tourney through XBOX LIVE and truly find out who the champ is. 

Come one come all, more details to come.

Here is some screens for the feens, oh and lex ryu still king!!


Street Fighter

When I was younger there was one game that settled any beefs any of my niggas might have had and that game was Street Fighter II (oh yea third strike was our shit). 3 cats come to mind when I think of street fighter, Chad ,Rob V and my man Mellow (RIP Rob V, I miss you son, you will live on I promise bee) Chad always stuck with Ken, I was with Ryu all day, mellow was Akuma, and Rob V, chose any of the above. We use to goto war in the street fighter games and when I reflect these were some of the best times in my life! Beefing jus to see who could hold onto the paddle the longest, it was war my friend. We jumped from Capcom vs SNK to 3rd Strike to Marvel vs Capcom whatever! If the shit had Ryu and Ken we were most likely playing the muthafucka. I think we are some of the nicest at the street fighter games, if you wanna test come see me.


R.I.P Rob V. I love and miss you bee.

One On One – Nas

“Imagine this no gun, no knife just a one on one so now we got to fight”

 Truly a slept on Nas classic, “One on One” first appeared on the Street Fighter soundtrack in 1994.  The track was never again released but is definately a forgotten nas song from a classic era.