Pop Dat (No Ceilings) – Lil Wayne Feat. Birdman

“Swagger just dumb, call it Sarah Palin”

DJ Scoob Doo comes through with the video to Lil Wayne & Birdman’s Pop Dat (No Ceilings) the Cool & Dre produced banger that first appeared on Wayne’s No Ceilings Mixtape from last year.

Lil Wayne comes home early November.

Pop Dat (No Ceilings) – Lil Wayne Feat. Birdman

Lil Wayne is Going to Prison


The judicial system is not playing around putting another rapper behind bars, this time it’s Lil Wayne.  Don’t worry he’ll be out in a year tops!!

Lullaby – Fabolous

Lullaby is the latest leak off of Fabolous’s upcoming Loso’s Way in stores July 28th.  Produced by Alchemist with Just Blaze cutting up my personal favorite line from New Jack City, how can you go wrong?Download/Stream–>http://www.zshare.net/audio/626253441c359621/

Sullivangelism takes a look at the Game.

My homeboy Conor wrote an extremely funny observation about the rap game over at http://sullivangelism.blogspot.com/ here is an excerpt…

Rap is saturated with jackasses. 1/1000 of those jackasses are dudes who sold enough coke to afford studio-time and are looking for a more legitimate kind of fame. Why be the guy who’s famous for shooting that cop on West & Pleasant, when you can be famous for being the guy who sang “Swing Your Dookie-Hole”? By the same logic, the other 999 of those jackasses are just neighborhood knuckleheads with big-fish stories. For every rapper that actually profited off drugs, there’s a thousand Tony Montanas who probably would’ve gotten hung from the helicopter.

Take my friend and yours, Rick Ross. Recently outed as a former Miami-Dade County correctional officer, Ross has been selling millions of albums with tales of intercontinental drug-dealing since 2005. In his smash debut single “Hustling,” he claimed to have a personal relationship with Manuel Noriega. Nobody stopped to wonder if it involved him serving Manny 3 meals-a-day on a foam tray. The guy has made some incredible songs, full of even more incredible claims. While he isn’t the best rapper working today, he is a perfect example of today’s typical gangsta rapper.

A day in the life of a gangsta rapper is an action movie in itself. It starts with you waking up next to a curvy latina woman, petting a Siberian white tiger. You don’t remember, because you drank tons of expensive champagne, but you had sex with the exotic beauty last night. You’re not sure if you fucked the tiger. It’s possible, you love that tiger. As you roll out of bed and put your feet down, you cut the sole of your foot on the stack of bill-folds lying on the floor. Man, you got so much money. You walk to the kitchen and there’s another naked chick, this one’s black, pouring you a bowl of Dom Perignon and Cocoa Puffs. You don’t even want to eat that shit, you just wanted the visual. As you slap the bowl out her hand, the phone rings. It’s your man, Pablo. He informs you in broken english that your 25 kilos will arri… FUCK!

Read the entire article @ http://sullivangelism.blogspot.com/2009/05/starting-offffff-on-joeys-blog.html

HHTT Productions: This Is The Carter

Real shit, a kid on main south looking for dope……….and he found some.




“Am I my brothers keeper?”  after watching this classic you cant help but come away with some of the best quotes.Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Mario Van Peebles, Judd Nelson , Chris Rock and Allen Payne come together in this 1991 crime thriller. Based largely in part on the CHAMBERS BROTHERS GANG of Detroit, this film focused on the way the gang revolutionized crack cocaine industry. After forcefully taking over an entire apartment complex, the gang utilized the complex for distribution,sales,packaging and storage. The CMB or CASH MONEY BROTHERS portrayed by (snipes&payne) Nino Brown and G-Money, take over the carter projects similar to the way that the chambers brothers had done. With a vendetta against drug users and dealers,( Ice-T and Judd Nelson) Scotty Appleton and Nick Peretti begin to pay close attention to nino and his operations and decide to send former stick-up-kid and ex-crackhead Pookie (Chris Rock) undercover to infiltrate nino’s empire. With that being said this movie is the shit. rags to riches or the American dream whatever you want to call it this movie is gangsta. Ice-t sets the tempo lovely in the beginning of this film with new jack hustler laced over the chase seen with Chris Rock.

i must say it seems like chris rock had some practice or something because he makes an extremely  convincing crackhead….

and i have to honor snipes with one of the best movie quotes EVER.

Lil Wayne & Skip Bayless on 1st and 10

Yesterday ESPN’s show First & 10 had on Lil Wayne as a special guest to debate with host Skip Bayless.  The whole episode can be found on youtube for those interested, below is Weezy making his super bowl picks and discussing the Baltimore Ravens & Tennessee Titans matchup this coming saturday at 4:30.  lets go ravens