T.O.D. Feat Prophecy – Streets

“The streets love me, the streets hate me”

t and proph

T and Prophecy are back at it again on some real gutta music! Prophecy goes in hard on the hook while also serving up a nice flow to begin the track. T does his usually and spits rapid fire over a chilling instrumental, the dude is a beast!! I’m really starting to notice the chemistry between the two and I think it plays out brilliant. This track is Worcester certified, play it in any hood and I bet they nod! What up Chandler!! H2T2 T & Prophecy – Streets

Out For Justice

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times the squad and I  rewound this ridiculous scene from Out For Justice during our annual cape week back in 2005.  Surprisingly the scene doesn’t even feature Seagal’s character but rather his nemesis in the film Richie portrayed by the great William Forsythe.  This clip is actually horrible but does well to illustrate how ridiculously badass Richie’s character was in the film and is only part of the reason why Seagel is Out For Justice on his ass.

R.I.P. Bobby Lupo