The Wizard


This movie alone engraved the Nintendo Entertainment System as the most popular video game system ever. All of you 80’s babies could never deny the power this movie had. From the introduction of the power glove, the( twister like) track and field interactive running mat, to the most awesome unveiling of Super Mario Bros. 3 which had yet to be released in the U.S. This movie helped make SMB3 one of the most sought after nintendo games ever. Starring Fred Savage,Luke Edwards, and Jenny Lewis The Wizard also known as Joy Stick Heroes was one of the most influencial video game based movies ever made. It makes you wonder if playstation or Xbox could ever come close to what nintendo has done….not in the terms of just sales (cuz i kno ps2 has sold the most) but to be able to build a movie around your product and make it worth watching…that my friend….is a hard thing to do.

The Power Glove