Tracy McGrady dunks on Tyrus Thomas

Man, tell me you witnessed this yesterday on sportscenter, Tracy McGrady dribbled past his defender (Luol Deng) and dunked directly on Chicago Bulls feared bigman Tyrus Thomas.  This is one of those dunks that makes you feel bad for Tyrus when it’s over and say Ooooooooh.  Just for good measure I had to add this classic dunk from the 2002 all-star game, hot damn. 

Auburn Tigers Force Out Tommy Tuberville


Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville stepped down today, the decision was made after Tuberville met with Jay Jacobs Auburn athletic director for the second time. Jacobs said in a statement, “Tommy felt it would be in his and the program’s best interest to step aside as Auburn’s head football coach.” Am I the only one a little confused by all this??? Tuberville has won 85 games and one SEC championship in the last decade and is regarded as one of the top coaches in college football today. The Tigers finished 5-7 this season losing to rival Alabama in the Iron Bowl on Saturday. One bad season and they force him out, they can pretty it up all they want THEY FORCED HIM OUT.

SEC Referee has flashback

Now I know you must have seen this on ESPN, and if you didn’t you will.  Apparently this referee used to be a quite talented linebacker in the SEC for Kentucky, the man still has it no doubt.  SEC officials say he was just getting out of the way, don’t look that way to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.