McCain Running or Gunning?

McCain may seem like he is pulling a bitch move to some but is he? I personally think McCain may be a lot smarter than he looks. With age comes wisdom they say and this nigga is holding down age like a muthafucka! McCain is suspending his campaign to work with the senate on a way to help America from a massive recession. Now a lot are saying he weak, Obama says a president needs to multitask. If we look past the surface this is a great strategy as I and Ben discussed , McCain is placing all eggs in one basket peep; if he and the senate find a solution to the recession he is the man, if not its over….. or is it? I think just for making the attempt McCain is showing the American people that he cares more than Obama, while Obama is focusing on the presidency, McCain is trying to solve a problem of bigger proportions. So I pose this question what is more important the “Presidency” or “Recession” Politricks is a bitch.

“Myspace pimps hoes and sluts!!” (Slyfox)

These are not my words but words from the great Nasir Jones  On the track “Sly Fox”. Nas spits hotness over a rock inspired track that sounds of pure distortion, yet beautiful. As the song progresses Nas starts to dismantle the whoe fox news network. All in all i have to agree with the line stated above, “Myspace pimps hoes and sluts” on Myspace you can find girls 12 and under posing doggystle asking “am i sexy??”. This shit is absurd if i had a daughter i would be in fear of myspace! its a great networking tool but god damn kiddie porn aint the way i gets down. The media in general is the true antagonist, sad to say many will not even appreciate this shit. Nas keep on bee, keep on.

The Good Ol’ Days

Yo check it bee son In the days of glory of like krush groove and fucking 3 piece rings we sold crack, my mans cooked it in a pot for like half hour then we had beers like fucking colt 40ty son. Regan was talking with his bitch about drugs bad, my team moving that rock like drugs make us glad. Nancy been a bitch before the 80’s movement I mean how u rock that wig on the daily ma you ugly. But ma had proper reason feel me, peep, bitch like stay in school and shit my mans like yo menelik that foul im like yo nigga peep game, kids in school mean we got a distribution now son like fucking warner bros and shit. Lil nigga thinking how he getting looney toon paper! TIME WARNER NIGGA HOLLA! But what really burns my crack pot is that hoe nancy , hypocritical and shit na’mean she talk about niggas in gold chains and triple piece rings and troop jackets with the red on the sleeve (oh that was a niggas dream back in 87 bee) then she sitting on the goon of em all ClUBBER LANG”S LAP JESUS WHITE MY NIGGA can I live! Nan nutta u lil niggas neva seen money like we seen in that era man fo real, I had niggas on mobile phones the size of baby arms in there saab (of course gold bbs) feel me?  Kay sa ra sa ra my nigga it was a time of kings we all had gold and we all had guns too I mean they try to post billboards how crack wack and shit but for a lot of the full time goons crack was more like the wheel my nigga THE WHEEL, WORD TO THE MUTHA!