HHTT Productions: Club Universe 8/23/09


Under 21 Sunday @ Club Universe held by RedCarpetWorcester.com had 4 performances on the bill with a special guest performance by G.M.B. Club Universe was packed and the performances were live, Its been awhile since I seen young cats move a crowd like this. There were so many people packed in both me and Lex were drenched in sweat just from standing in the middle of the crowd. The show was well put together and Red Carpet are definitely doing their thing, the only issue I have is @ the under 21 night girls like dancing on you when you trying to pass by. NO MAS NENA yo no quiero ir a la carce jajajajaja ( NO MORE LITTLE GIRL  I dont want to go to jail ). Big Shouts to Mike at Red Carpet for allowing HHTT full access to the event, this show is definitely HHTT APROVED.



We are the cancer.

Mass Stand Up May 28th


Come and show support for local hip hop, HHTT will be in the building so you know how that goes! Tammany Hall is located 43 Pleasant St. Worcester, MA

HHTT @ Lucky Dog May 8th (Worcester)

dj shamenite people sequelnytmare lean back

Friday May 8th showcased some of Worcester best in Hip hop and HHTT was on the front lines. Its always good to see cats repping the city and even better when done correctly. DJ Shame started the night off right with some bangers, bringing that gritty mid 90’s sound back for the masses. You know HHTT got love for that era so when he dropped ArtifcatsWrong Side Of Da Tracks, Rev and I just looked at each other and nodded in approval. B – boys even got into the mix, tearing up the floor to classic tracks turning the night into a true hip hop affair. Nite People came on stage and wrecked shop, From start to finish they kept the crowd at attention. Ethereal is one of the sickest mc’s to grip the mic, its not just his wordplay its the complexity in which he delivers it that intrigues me. Following right after was Nytmare with machine gun flow intact. Nytmare is one of those  mc’s that have a flow you cannot deny, once the beat drops he attacks it relentlessly like a savage . On stage he did the same, slaughtering every beat placed before him. All around it was a good night, had a few drinks, heard some good music and met some good peoples.  HHTT WAS IN THE BUILDING!

Reviresco, T.O.D., Lex LuthorNytmare Lucky Dog May 8th Worcesterethereal & Brother Menelik (Av)

View all the pics from the night @ HHTT @ Lucky Dog May 8th (Worcester)

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Never forget where you came from – HHTT

The Rise of MMA in Worcester


After a very entertaining meeting with the illustrious T.O.D. (Interview coming soon!), I learned about the MMA scene in Worcester and how it has been growing rapidly. I wanted to attend the bout but had prior obligations but T let me know the deal. Marquis Brown a good friend of his fought his first fight Jan 17th at the Palladium against Graeme Prue. Marquis destroyed Prue with consecutive punches to the head to end the fight. 

Much props to Marquis in his first fight, HHTT will continue to watch quisie

WCUW 91.3 Worcester


WCUW 91.3 is a local radio station in Worcester, MA which provides a unique mix of musical genres, from rock, jazz, blues, folk hip-hop etc. WCUW is a station for the people by the people, I support local radio because as a MC, WCUW was warm and welcoming and provided an outlet for local artists to showcase there music, thoughts and ideas. I remember when T.O.D. and I finished the album “Description of Wor” a few years back, we met up with Frank the Butcher and that lead to us to meeting Tone and that lead to getting our tracks played on air. As a MC who faced a lot of adversity, it was good to see there were people who support the local scene and wanted to see it flourish. That experience alone caused me to be more aware and supportive of my city, especially the music scene. 


Linving in Worcester you see a lot of diversity, and WCUW embraces that.


WCUW 91.3 FM is HHTT approved


To make a donation or for more info www.wcuw.org

Worcester Hip Hop


You know me as Brother Menelik, but a while back I went by the MC name of “Av”. I was in a group called Da Leg with my brother T.O.D. and found some local success with pain along the way. Good people like Nytmare and Frank the Butcher tried to create a platform in Worcester MA, for artists to grow and it was very beneficial. Years have passed and I have moved on somewhat but still have a deep love and appreciation for hip-hop, I still rap when I feel like it and produce here and there. There are so many artists in Worcester, Mass with such great skills but hardly any outlets. I think back to the days of performing, remembering how much fun I had and how Worcester for a moment was starting to rise from the ashes.

That’s why I’m calling all Worcester artists to submit material to hulkhatetimetravel@gmail.com

Hulkhatetimetravel is one of the fastest growing internet magazines and wants to help out our local artists.

Gotta put on for my city.

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim
Co-Editor In Chief