I’m a Nigga (New Section)


Relax don’t be afraid, its jus niggas! A lot of people are looking at the new ads for HHTT’s new section “I’m a Nigga” and get a little nervous. This new section we are creating is not speaking of just the Negro, niggas come in all shapes and colors and at HHTT we acknowledge that. A nigga is someone who loses all logic and acts foolishly when equipped with money or power. Look at the legendary Michael Tyson, he was a hoodlum who learned discipline through the sport of boxing. Soon the nigga took over when money, bitches, and ultra niggas like Don King interfered. To some Tyson is a confused nigga on the break of insanity, to me he is the last truth in a world full of lies.  Most nigga’s are of the African American variety  but don’t get it twisted……..a nigga can be Caucasian, Latino, Asian etc and HHTT will show you.

Scientology Guards Kill Samurai Sword Yielding Man

This past sunday (Nov 23rd) at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood a security guard shot and killed a man brandishing two samurai swords.  The man turned out to be a former scientologist.   Now when I saw this on TV my mind immediately ran wild as it so often does mainly because of the film Battlefield Earth and the fact the dude was “yielding swords”  I am not too familiar with scientology itself except for it’s high-profile celebrities (tom cruise, john travolta etc.) and it “teaches that people’s immortal souls, or thetans, lived among extraterrestrial cultures before being trapped in human bodies on Earth by the galactic dictator Xenu 75 million years ago”  Who knows right?  Anyways… why on earth is a man attacking security guards with two samurai swords in the first place? did Ker Bango have something to do with this?

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