Selective Hearing 91.3 WCUW 11/13/09

You missed last week’s show?? I will let it slide just this once but make sure you tune in every Friday from 10-12pm 91.3 WCUW in beautiful Worcester, Ma or stream online @ My brother Yohon actually recorded the show for your listening pleasure so check it out! At Selective Hearing we not only bring you the best in hip hop, but also that REAL TALK!


A Tribute To Roc (DJ Manipulator)


On September 19th we lost one of the most talented, influential, and inspirational DJ’s of all time. Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners. He was such a huge influence on me and the way I approached DJing. I remember when I was starting out in high school I used to watch his and the rest of the X-Men’s routines on DMC dvds  over and over again, studying his body tricks(which i still cant do to this day),and the way he would juggle the records. It was incredible to watch him.  You could tell the he was really dedicated to his craft. So I took sometime out to send a salute to the legend cause he inspired me to do what I do on the tables today. Rest in Peace Roc Raida, your contribution to the artform will never be forgotten.

DJ Manipulator

This morning I got this in a email, I had to wait to get home to listen and I have to say this is truly amazing. DJ Manipulator is a very talented humble brother and it’s a pleasure to post this on HHTT. Manip we got you bee!

Download link:

Urban Fire Radio 91.3 WCUW

urban fire

For the best reggae and dancehall music, it don’t get no better than this! Peace to my brothers Tone and Kool Chris who host one of the sickest shows in the city, tune in Friday nights 91.3 WCUW 8-10pm. Let me also add that right after Urban Fire is another very good show by the name of Selective Hearing, but who we kidding….you already know!

HHTT Productions: Selective Hearing 91.3 WCUW 8/7/09

cocaine robot and lexyohon av tlex at desk

Its official, HHTT is now a part of the 91.3 Selective Hearing show. We don’t plan to merge as one but we are family, we consider Selective Hearing our brothers and it’s an honor to be able to bring the HHTT flava to the radio. Make sure to tune in every Friday from 10-12, 91.3 WCUW or online at, check out how the best hip hop show in Worcester get bizzy!yo and avj4hhtt get money

HHTT Productions: Ethereal (King Shit)

up eEthereal of Nite People on the street spitting that King Shit, Worcester stand up!

HHTT Productions: This Is The Carter

Real shit, a kid on main south looking for dope……….and he found some.

HHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing

hhtt wcuwlex and maipulatorrev t and brother men

Last Friday HHTT invaded Selective Hearing hosted by Yohon DI and Kusto of WCUW 91.3. Elijah Divine and T.O.D. were also in attendance as we sat down with Selective Hearing to speak about our website, music, the local scene and much more.e and lexdal leg and elijahkusto phoneHHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing Flickr