I Blog (Thanks 2500+)

I really never thought I would become a blogger, but eh that’s life right. I love to write, I write novels, rhymes, blog, put it like this I’m a feen. I have to say when we started this whole thing I was skeptical about the upkeep and just the whole idea of people actually reading our crazy thoughts lol. The main reason I decided to write this post is to say thanks, to see more than 2500 people come to our lil page about random nonsense is truly a honor. WordPress has been a great tool, they gave us a platform and for that I’m eternally grateful. So to all those who think that blogging may not be for them or afraid no one would read it, try it, I would read it.


Hulkhatetimetravel…………yeah it’s that good.


HULK HATE TIME TRAVEL!!!(Behind the madness)

The Brain trust sat down one day at work spitting our usual random knowledge and we started to engage on a topic we often fantasy, time travel. I can’t count the numerous conversations we had on this topic, from Delorean’s to John Titor. All in all time travel is a topic we will never leave, a topic we love but for some it is a tragic burden. Hulk hates time travel; it disrupts his belly a lot I think. His primitive mind can’t handle the chronological difference. So if hulks parents don’t kiss he wont ever be born, ever be born.


Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim