snuggie Niggas look like monks bee -Av

I was awake at 3am last night and i realized sometimes you come across commercial that either make outrageous claims or that are just ridiculous. Remember Cleo the Jamaican Psychic ?? or how about the partyline girls dancing to their special song “CALL ME, pick up the phooooooonnnnneeeee”. Well on yet another sleepless night I came across a commercial that I originally thought was a parody until they put the company number and order info on the screen. It’s 2009 and the Snuggie has officially taken over , it has been on the Ellen Degeneres show and has a bunch of parody spin-offs. I think the original commercial is too funny to even make a parody of, watch how happy dad is when he clicks channels on the remote and how he raises the roof with ease at the end of the clip , lol funniest shit I seen all week THANKS SNUGGIE !!

Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World

dos equis

This dude is the man, he with bitches doing shit niggas dream of! To tell you the truth, I don’t want to  know anything else about this dude, he can tell me to slap my mother and I would he’s jus that cool. This has to be one of the best beer commercials ever created, HHTT APPROVED LIKE A MUTHA!

Merry Christmas – Soprano’s Style

Merry-Early Christmas from all of us at HHTT.  Taken from season 3 of the Soprano’s, watch a disrespectfull young boy tell off a disguised Bobby Bacala playing the role of neighborhood Santa at the local pork store Satriale’s.


The Long Way Home

Growing up in mainsouth I could truly identify to Kevin Scott fo real. I remember being younger watching this commercial and feeling strange cause I knew why he was running. When I got older I felt an incredible sadness cause the story in the commercial is so true, drug dealers don’t take no that easy and you cant jus walk away like ya principal may suggest. The scariest is the drug dealer at .42 seconds into the clip, he jus looks at Kevin as if to say “we will get you, eventually we will get you.” Sad thing is 97% of the time they do.


Never has a commercial provoked so much emotion in me.

CBS Storybreak

Oh damn this is my joint! I can think back to being a kid after watching some of my favorite Saturday cartoons then clicking over to peep CBS Storybreak. For some reason I loved the intro the music and the magic book opening those glowing pages, the kid was in awe. The way they re told the stories through animation was brilliant, and they touched on issues a normal cartoon wouldn’t dare. If you get a chance find this show and peep it, its classic.