HHTT Productions: This Is The Carter

Real shit, a kid on main south looking for dope……….and he found some.

HHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing

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Last Friday HHTT invaded Selective Hearing hosted by Yohon DI and Kusto of WCUW 91.3. Elijah Divine and T.O.D. were also in attendance as we sat down with Selective Hearing to speak about our website, music, the local scene and much more.e and lexdal leg and elijahkusto phoneHHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing Flickr

Mtume – C.O.D.

C.O.D. is not merely jus a song the shit is a movement. Most young people may reference this song to stealing cars or killing innocent people in Grand Theft Auto 4 (sick ass game). This is pure music if you ask me the way the beat drops when she screams out “Just call my name, in a huuuuurrrrrrryyyyyy! Ooooooooooh baby it’s not the same!” The drums are classic similar to some sort of tribal ritual, if you got the time find this cassette tape! Yea nigga I said cassette! Not a cd take shit back to 84 my dude. Now if you don’t mind im going to crack this grape dutch and enjoy. Easy

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim