This Is Sportscenter – Alex Ovechkin

Steve Levy, Alex Ovechkin & Semyon Varlamov star in the latest This Is Sportscenter commercial, enjoy.

Plaxico Burress 8-miles himself in the Thigh

The New York Giants Pro Bowl Wide Reciever Plaxico Burress was recently released (11/29) from a New York Hospital for a gunshot wound to his right thigh, many sources are saying it was self-inflicted.  Burress was supposedly at the Latin quarter (shouts to dj camillo) in Manhattan when the shooting happened, I guess I will have to bench him this week in fantasy football against the Redskins.

John Forté Gets Presidential Pardon


President Bush has granted pardons to 14 individuals and commuted the sentences of two, one of those two was John Forte. Remember John Forte? The dude who was on Wyclef’s joint “Staying Alive”, the man was brilliant he even wrote two joints on the Fugees classic album “The Score”. His solo album in 98 didn’t do so well but it did showcase a rising star to the world. In 2000 Forte fell upon bad luck when he got caught trying to peddle 1.4 mili in liquid crack (this dude is g, please praise this man, he more thug than 99% of these rap niggas out). Forte was sentenced to a 14 year minimum, but today all that has changed. The exact details are not fully released yet but we do now his sentence has been commuted, hopefully he will be released very soon.

I have a feeling this man has got a lot to say and I’m mos def gonna listen

Update: With the commutation, Forte will be released Dec. 22, after serving just over seven years. He still faces five years of supervised probation.

Dr. Strangelove

 Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb



There are so many characters, so many moments. I will not even try to breakdown Kubrick’s 1964 classic, yet I will simply tell you of my experience. We all know the famous seen of Major Kong riding the nuke, to tell the truth that’s what made me find this movie. I thought that scene alone was sick, like that nigga must be bugging to do that so I had to check. What I found was a classic that disturbed me like no other movie I had seen before. The dialogue is humorous yet very black, at the same time you feel as if its still all rational. George C. Scott is known for his dramatic roles, but god damn this muthafucka had me rolling in this film. The over the top war ready general he played was superb (plus nigga chewed mad gum that shit was like crack back then I think lol). Peter Sellers we all know was the fucking man playing, Mandrake, The President and then of course Dr. Strangelove. Sterling Hayden is the man too though, I felt his role as Jack D. Ripper (get it) that cat be bugging too talking about bodily fluids and how he be with chicks but don’t bust in them! He onto something cause he don’t want no one especially the ruskies stealing his essence. The main plot concerns a mentally unstable Air Force general who orders a 1st nuke attack on Russia, and follows the Prez, his advisors, the Joint Chiefs and a (RAF) officer as they try to recall the bombers to prevent a nuclear apocalypse, as the crew of one B-52 attempt to deliver their bomb. Peep the damn flick there is way too much for me to say on this film, watch and enjoy.

The song at the end of the film is very eerie yet soothing but it fits so perfect. Vera Lynn’s  “We’ll Meet Again”. Good look Ben

Can’t Keep Running Awaaaaay

Barack Obama rejected John McCain’s call on Wednesday to postpone a debate between the two on Friday, saying Americans wanted to hear what their future leader had to say on the crisis and that a president should be able to multi-task.

McCain announced that he would “suspend” his campaign, pull television advertising, halt fund-raising and return to Washington on Thursday to try to help negotiations for a bail-out plan for Wall Street.

You don’t suspend your campaign. This doesn’t smell right. This isn’t the way a tested hero behaves. I think someone’s putting something in his metamucil. He can’t run the campaign because the economy is cratering? Fine, put in your second string quarterback, Sara Palin. Where is she? What are you going to do if you’re elected and things get tough? Suspend being president? We’ve got a guy like that now!”  –David Letterman on McCain canceling the debate