Devils – Lil Boosie

Some new music from Lil Boosie, Devils featuring Foxx and produced by Savage.  Off his upcoming album Incarcerated in stores 9-28-2010.

Devils – Lil Boosie

Loose as a Goose – Lil Boosie feat. Mouse & Foxx (Video)

New video for Lil Boosie’s Loose as a Goose, don’t be surprised to see this one pop up on his upcoming (9-15-09) Superbad The Return of Boosie Bad Azz album.

Loose as a Goose – Lil Boosie Feat. Mouse & Foxx

Loose as a Goose – Lil Boosie ft. Foxx & Mouse

This video cracks me up for real, Boosie needs to put out an official video for Loose as a Goose asap and put his new dance in it.


Lil’ Boosie – Touch Down

Touch Down taken from the Bad Azz Dvd by lil’ Boosie

Watch Boosie count his money with his kids in front of his car, in his native streets of South Baton Rouge (Been Retarded) and make sure to watch through the end for his uncle. (also from the classic Bad Azz DVD)