HHTT Productions: Streets (Preview)

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.

Hot Dog’s and Coke mixtape coming very soon b stay tuned, Worcester we do this for you.

I Go Harder – MullyMan

It’s about fuckin time someone went Hard for Baltimore, MullyMan does just that on I Go Harder.  Anyone who fucks with The Wire will be sure to fuck with this, enjoy the video directed by D.C.’s Tabi Bonney.

Download/Stream–>  http://www.zshare.net/audio/60466770c028f179/

Shawty Lo – Dunn Dunn

T.I. is my nigga and all but Shawty Lo a real street nigga no doubt. Son in the video Dunn Dunn it all, my lil nigga brings it to the hood, he sits up in a apartment with the last supper on the wall counting paper while crack on the stove and bitches chilling. Who you know more G than that?? TIP is the better rapper but Lo’s swag is ridiculous, when he says “nigga say he from the westside? Got damn must be 2 sides” my team goes crazy. Peep the Dunn Dunn video shit is too hood or peep that new T.I. shit “whatever you like” with him buying bitches shit flying planes and shit. I love when Shawty Lo name drops “ask hero, marlo, carlo” 100 he is a G.


Dunn Dunn it all