For Some Pussy – Saigon

Saigon gets his autotune-on, For Some Pussy taken from Warning Shots 2 which dropped yesterday 10-06-09 on Amalgam Digital.  Don’t forget to check the remix featuring OJ Da Juiceman at the bottom.For Some Pussy – Saigon

For Some Pussy Remix – Saigon Feat. OJ Da Juiceman

Brother Menelik (Av) – Crack and a Dookie Rope

Glock 9, laser your dome/ cocaine and gold chains like Razor Ramon lex and men no joke

Growing up in through the 80’s in mainsouth there were certain things that as a kid you definately took notice. For instance Money power respect. Basically we respected any one who had the power, and the definition of power in the 80’s was crack and a dookie rope.heavily idolized by Lex and Brotha men crack and a dookie rope is a shout out if you will to all the OG’s who remember these days enjoy and listen… here’s Av’s Crack and a Dookie Rope enjoy – Lex LuthorBrother Menelik (Av) – Crack and a Dookie Rope

Right Hand Cooking (Wham Bam) – Gutter Feat. OJ Da Juiceman

Wham Bam I’m cooler than a fan, Alaska and Atlanta and I’m cookin right hand. (Dayum) – JUICEMAN

Just when you thought you were safe, Zaytoven crafts another hit for Gutter and OJ da Juiceman to bounce over.  The video for Right Hand Cooking has everything we would expect from a Juiceman record, bitches cooking crack/dancing/counting moolah, pitbulls, big rims and a game of dominos, AYE.


Dave Da Barber – Trapped

dave da barber

Baltimore is a serious problem. I was going through my email and seen this video, at first I was like ok what kind of bullshit today. After the first few seconds I realized East Baltimore is on some shit that is hard as fuck! This dude Dave Da Barber got something here, please look at the scene where he is actually sitting on the couch with the white girl!Oh the glory of the white girl

Shawty Lo – 100,000


“Mary Jane use to be my main/ until I met the white girl……COCAINE”

Shawty Lo brilliantly tells the tale of reckless abandon in the south. He touches on the obsession ghetto youths have with the “white girl” in vivid fashion, allowing the listener to fully embrace the glory of drug dealing. Bankhead only has one boss and Lo holds that title firmly, while T.I. does songs of redemption with NSYNC, Lo illustrates a wonderful backdrop to the streets he peddled coke on so frequent. On 100,000, Shawty recalls about the times he ran the streets and first accumulated 100,000 in drug money. In the hood 100,00 = a G, straight up.