HHTT Productions

Hulk Hate Time Travel is more than just Worcester’s #1 Hip Hop themed pop culture magazine it is also a label. HHTT Productions works as s media outlet, an expansion upon the original idea of HTTT. HHTT Productions showcases local artist’s videos, shows and whatever type of media we feel should be presented. To view the complete library of videos on YouTube you can check   www.dakitchen101.com www.youtube.com/user/octavian081 http://www.youtube.com/user/siagala

HHTT Productions: Infrastructure

  • XXL Lex Luthor – Artist
  • Tony Velez – Artist
  • Elijah Divine – Artist
  • J Dollaz – Artist
  • Brother Menelik (Av) – Artist
  • Reviresco – Artist
  • Scrilla – Producer
  • T.O.D. – Artist/Engineer/Producer/Director
  • Cocaine Robots (T.O.D. & Av)
  • Prophecy – Artist
  • Billz – Artist



14 Responses

  1. that dude looks angry

  2. i got every game available for the genesis , snes, and nes. you alreay know !!!!

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  4. heres an update…..im black

  5. T i knew u was black when we skipped school and u was drawing porn while we ate grilled cheese ya moms made! shit was slamming!

  6. lol that sounds like some shit that went down for real!! lmao

  7. first muthafucka that tries to touch me is gonna get bitch slapped…


  9. hooper st we commin through we aint forgot about y’all

  10. yo what up?

    Yo you guys should put out a HHTT cd/mixtape..

    sounds like a good idea!!

    holla back

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