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    Well why not, picture the incredible Hulk going through time. I know Doc Strange use to send the Hulk to alternate dimensions in the comics but if Hulk could travel through time, picture all the stuff he would see. This website is a internet magazine, a mash up if you will of music, Hip-Hop, news, sports, movies and then some. Any Dj's, Producers, Mc's or Graph artists who want to have there material showcased or reviewed contact Reviresco on Twitter @RevH2T2
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    REAL TALK is a monthly local hip-hop segment in Worcester Magazine written by Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim of HulkHateTimeTravel.com (w/contributors XXL Lex Luthor & Reviresco)
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what up people its ya boy LEX ,AKA THE KRYPT KEEPER. I’m here to keep it real wit y’all. I like to share my experiences and opinions with all of you cuz I always have a good time doing it. If you want to get a little more acquainted with who I am and what I’m all about visit me at http://lexluthor34.com/….



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  1. cheers very much, I have to say your site is excellent!

  2. hey whats gud with PROPCHY?? new trax

  3. Prophecy is putting the final touches on his debut album Creative Cancer

    Hit up T over @ http://dakitchen101.com/ tell him you want that new P!

  4. Hiii Chad!!! 🙂

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