Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer – Brother Menelik (AV)

“Got a gun named Mandela and the clip full Nelson/ Scope from the soviets, we call it Boris Yeltsin”

Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer is a throwback to another era the wally era if you will, one that is fond to everyone here at HHTT (H2T2) and is often romanticized about when we  build.  We are all true 80’s babies who came of age in the late 80’s/early 90’s and we were all sponges keeping our mouths shut while our ears and eyes stayed wide open, taking it all in.  Av (Brother Menelik) was no exception, coming up in certain sections of Worcester this song was and still is his reality, bowdown to the Main South King, Brother Menelik.


18 Responses

  1. honestly…..we never really pictured this..remember bein in the backyard wit the karaoke machine just bullshittin sayin one day a wanna be a rapper while we watched the latin kings beef over drug spots….now look at you… cant no one fuck wit us b…NO ONE..this shits FIYA right here for real…listen and dont sleep cuz we are comin

  2. menelik do i have permission to pass around the mp3?? i need to get this to certain people pronto! and yes this is some serious shit homie! i never heard a sound like this you onto something major! HHTT hardcore in this!

  3. this is better than the original!

  4. my nigga said a gun named mandelalol wow

  5. you go boy! do it big, and i love the artwork on the pic!

  6. lex we been through it all, this is our time! thanks to everyone for taking a listen, mainsouth got a hero!

  7. av got a sick flow man

  8. realz on that my nigga og talk buk fif get it my dude

  9. get at me niga i feels this hardbody, i got beatz

  10. i been going through the site, you got your own style and its really FRESH! how tall are u, menelik???? just curious!

  11. this dat new summer jam! wartown is taking ova hail the fuckin king!!!

  12. shit went hard

  13. this is raw, i dont know what else to say…. who is this cat?????

  14. menelik check ya email.

  15. Yo…! “Long trenchcoat; Kyle Reese wit the Shotgun!!!” digs tha flow god… definitely tha flow of an emcee. an’ I phukks wit that Nelson Mandela/Boris Yeltsin wordplay…. keep ’em burnin’

  16. much appreciated vherb this how we do in worcester bee! alot of people ask me who the fuck boris even was, i mean i cooked up to cnn in 88 bee lol

  17. lol thats whatsup mad love keep it going

  18. […] MA one of the many spots Lex and I ran through growing up. Real Talk this is the inspiration for Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer. Don’t forget vote Elijah Divine in the pulse! HHTT in the place to be! Possibly related […]

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