Yessir (Video) – Kurupt prod. Pete Rock

New video from Kurupt for Yessir produced by Pete Rock off of his Streetlights album with Terrace Martin.  Yo Pete, I see your Incredible Hulk picture we see you soul brother stay infected.

Yessir – Kurupt

Where Love Happens – 2010 NBA Commercial

New commercial from the NBA which has been airing throughout the Finals featuring Deron Williams, Mickael Pietrus and a great song from Curtis Mayfield, P.S. I Love You from his 1976 album Give, Get, Take & Have.

P.S. I Love You – Curtis Mayfield

William Bell – I Forgot To Be Your Lover


People make mistakes, this is known without a doubt. Some people apologize, some people don’t. In my life I had made many mistakes and have been the person to never apologize, shit I’m still like that. While zoning out I came across the classic I Forgot To Be Your Lover from William Bell. I heard the song a hundred times over but today I had to show respect and put it up. From the melodic intro to the smooth soulful voice of Mr. Bell, the song is beautiful. I may not ever become the apologetic type but damn I wont forget to be a lover. William Bell – I Forgot To Be Your Lover

Brothers on the Slide – Cymande

This is that classic old school B-boy ish right here, Brothers on the Slide by Cymande everytime it’s heard makes me either want to play ball or just toprock till it’s over.  Cymande are also reponsible for the more popular but equally dope Bra.   

Loose Ends – You Can’t Stop The Rain


The beauty of loose ends is merely in the delivery. A beautiful polished pronounced sound that sounds effortless yet erotic. Before I go into some shit that may get picked up on Newsweek, The song is “ You Can’t Stop the Rain”. This song is a laid back jazzy classic which is great to smoke out too or have a lil drink if one must.

Loose Ends – You Can’t Stop The Rain

Do You Believe? – Beatnuts

The Beatnuts dropped their third album Stone Crazy in 1997.  The album featured such hits as Off The Books , Give me the Ass and Do You Believe?


Poppin Like an L’ full of seeds.