Colin Munroe – Piano Lessons feat. Joell Ortiz

The reviews are correct on this track, Joell kills it!!! After listening to the track a few more times I started to notice how much I loved Colin’s abstract vocals and milks production. Now this doesn’t take away from the lyrical intensity Joell brings, instead it compliments it.

Exclusive Culture VI Anthony Hamilton Interview


Anthony Hamilton is one of those soulful cornbread, fried chicken and collard greens artists. What I mean by that is musically his voice is food for the soul. I am so happy Culture VI got this interview, Anthony is a great talent and dishes out some realness.

Anotha Day UpThaWay Pt2 Hosted by Don Cannon & Dj InFamous


Cleveland’s own I.L. has teamed with Don Cannon and DJ Infamous to bring one of the freshest mixtapes for 2009.  

Anotha Day UpThaWay Pt2 Hosted by Don Cannon & Dj InFamous

Download for free here

For more info check

B-Real of Cypress Hill ‘FIRE’ featuring Damian Jr Gong Marley


Right here is the latest single off B-Real’s Solo album “SMOKE N MIRRORS” in stores on February 24th, courtesy of Audio Hustlaz/Duck Down Records. B-Real gets production credit on this single and I have to say he doing his thing, I always liked B-Real with his nasal flow and spit fire lyrics and on a track with Jr Gong he cant go wrong.

Here is the link to download “Fire

If you wanna purchase the single at iTunes click here


B-Real of Cypress Hill “Smoke N Mirrors” In Stores February 24th, 2009

Air Yeezy’s


Nike and Kanye have teamed up to release a sneaker called the “Air Yeezy’s. Usually I don’t like when rappers endorse shoes cause they end up being a piece of pure shit but with Kanye I have a feeling this might actually be hot. Kanye has a good eye for fashion and hip getting up with Nike is pure brilliance, Ye is a sneaker head from the glory days like myself so I know he wont disappoint.

Peep the kicks in 3 color ways looking to drop around March 09’


Diana Ross – Love Hangover


I love the boss I can’t even try to front, there are certain women who possess a timeless beauty and Diana is one. Diana has an awkward look with strong cheekbones and bulgy eyes, but somehow on her it transcends to pure beauty.

I’m ya fathers friend type nigga if you feel what I’m trying to say, I fucks with them classic beauty’s all day. One of the sexiest songs has to be “Diana Ross – Love Hangover” the song starts slow and sexy with a lil strut as you can hear Diana breathing in the background all erotic and shit. The track builds into a frantic rush of pure disco bliss, in its whole the song is classic so enjoy.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


I’m a big comic book head and the X-Men have always been one of my favorite. 2 Characters held a special place in my black heart, Wolverine and Cyclops. The X-Men movies that have been released so far have been decent each leaving you hoping for a better film in the next which they have done. When I heard they were doing a prequel on Wolverine I got hyped and knew this would be the film to see. The Film is based on Wolverine’s origin and time with team X, and if you know anything about Wolverine you will know he has one of the sickest origins in comic history!

This movie will also chronicle his time before his skeleton became bonded with the metal adamantium.



The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button


I heard of the short story many years ago by F. Scott Fitzgerald and thought it was amazing. A man born old who ages young was so interesting to me because I thought how life would have to be, the people who seen you as old, when they get old you become younger. I love movies like this that make you think and see through the characters eyes, and sometimes feel there sorrow.

The overall feel seems very distant, which is not bad but it makes you connect with Brad Pitt. I think once again Mr. Pitt has done it. The film is directed by David Leo Fincher, and if you know his work then you know the movie is in very good hands. I know I will be watching this Christmas.

Miracle at St. Anna

Miracle at St. Anna follows four black soldiers of the all-black 92nd Infantry Division who get trapped near a small Tuscan village on the Gothic Line during the Italian Campaign of World War II after one of them risks his life to save an Italian boy.


It’s been a while since spike dropped a flick, so you know I’m peeping this Friday!


Review will be out shortly on this movie which should be nothing short of a classic.